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Why Won’t They Read

Some of my earliest memories are of my mom reading to my sisters and me. Raggedy Ann and Andy books are prominent in those memories.  I believe Mom chose the Raggedy books because she remembered them from her childhood.  I wonder what she would think of the stories if she read them now. I have… Continue reading Why Won’t They Read

Book Lovers Community

Masarik Family Advent Resources 2016

I am not crafty. I am not musical. I am not patient. I certainly am not good at doing the same thing day after day. Like almost everyone I know, however, I long to have a meaningful Advent with the little people in my home. While Advent is a season of joyful anticipation, hope, and… Continue reading Masarik Family Advent Resources 2016

Book Lovers Community

GK Chesterton: Architect of Spears

In my Potato Peel Pie book club we are reading a little Chesterton every week. And by “little,” I mean one essay every Sunday from In Defense of Sanity. Each week we read and reflect on one short essay or article from G. K. Chesterton and play with the ideas he articulates. Some of the… Continue reading GK Chesterton: Architect of Spears