Illustrator Series: N.C. Wyeth

One of my favorite things to do is to scout used bookstores and websites for beautiful vintage copies of classic books. There is just something irresistible about leafing through thick, deckled pages and imagining the lives that the books have lived before they came to be in my hands. One of the reasons that I … Continue reading Illustrator Series: N.C. Wyeth

Illustrator Series: Michael Hague

Growing up, I wasn’t exposed to a lot of great art. We didn’t have any rare or unique pieces on our walls; in fact, the oversized picture that hung over our sofa was the exact same print that hung over the sofa at my grandmother’s house—a department store special one year, I think! I also … Continue reading Illustrator Series: Michael Hague

Illustrator Series: David Macaulay Architecture Books

My son has been bitten by the architecture bug. I’ve written before about his love of geography and landmarks, and he has been attempting to build copies of some of those landmarks using blocks, various toys, and even things like toast and marshmallows since he was two years old.  I have tripped over block castles, … Continue reading Illustrator Series: David Macaulay Architecture Books