Mrs. Mike

When trying to decide how to describe Mrs. Mike, I thought that the word poignant was accurate and helpful.

Right Ho, Jeeves

“The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh is tasteless, irreverent, perverse, and merciless. These qualities, however, are the source of a strange sanity because they are the means by which we can all have a good laugh. Not only is it quite alright to take things lightly, it is a good habit… We are refreshed more … Continue reading Right Ho, Jeeves

Little Britches #4: Mary Emma and Company

Mentoring is a critical theme woven throughout the first half of the Little Britches series. Despite the incredible hardships that his family endures, Ralph Moody is very clear that God always looked out for them and rewarded their faithfulness in interesting ways. In new places and new circumstances, God not only provided the work requisite … Continue reading Little Britches #4: Mary Emma and Company