I am a Bullet Journal failure. I am OCD enough to be utterly discouraged by my complete lack of artistic talent. My handwriting is terrible and I can’t draw to save my life.

I do love the pretty BuJos that everyone is doing today and was particularly inspired by the bookshelf concept. I love having a visual cue of my reading progress – especially if it is cute and in color. So, I adapted. I spent a Sabbath afternoon creating a Mac Pages template that I could personalize with typed spines. I print these and put them in my ARC binder and it all works out pretty well! Friends in my book club asked if I could share it, so I thought that I would store it here and share it with anyone as challenged as I am! 🙂


I have shared it in two formats: a printable PDF template (click on this link: book-shelf-empty-spines) on which you can hand letter the spines, and a Pages file that you can download if you have a Mac. The formatting isn’t perfect in the Page template but you can click on the spines and type in the titles. You may struggle a little bit with the sizing, but at least it gives you a start!


In my reading planning post, I showed some early attempts at my planning. I have moved to these in my ARC binder instead. This is what it looks like now:





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