A Jane Austen Education

“I was twenty-six, and about as dumb, in all human things, as any twenty-six-year-old has a right to be, when I met the woman who would change my life.” - William Deresiewicz When our book club was discerning a few books to read in 2016, my dear friend Diane suggested A Jane Austen Education. I … Continue reading A Jane Austen Education

The Jungle Book

23 years! That’s how long it’s been since I first read Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.  That was the first year we homeschooled, and I was casting about our home library for literature I could teach from without having to buy curriculum at the last minute.  My father-in-law had admired Kipling, and my husband had … Continue reading The Jungle Book

Orange Childcraft, 1: Poems of Early Childhood

“Good reading is as essential to the nourishment of a child's character as good food is necessary for the development of his body.” -  Angelo Patri, Childcraft 1949 The 1949 Orange Childcraft Volume 1: Poems of Early Childhood leads off with a brilliant introduction by Angelo Patri about the essential value quality reading has in … Continue reading Orange Childcraft, 1: Poems of Early Childhood