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Wednesday With Words: Tradition



Over the past several months, I have been immersed in The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Christian Classical Education by Kevin Clark and Ravi Scott Jain.  It is a slim volume, but I am making slow progress– not because it is unapproachable, but because of my desire to ponder and savor so many of the ideas it presents.  Every section, down to the introduction and footnotes, has been valuable and thought-provoking for me. For example, I have been chewing on this quote by Peter Kreeft in the Forward for WEEKS now:

In an age which has embraced every novelty, the true rebel is the traditionalist.

I have never considered myself a rebel. In fact, I have always be a rule-follower. I am generally obedient and respectful to those in authority. But our world is changing, and I am finding myself time and again squarely in opposition to the progressive powers-that-be. As the values and traditions of Western Civilization are under constant attack by the majority, I have discovered that I am more and more compelled to swim against the stream. I think that is why I am so passionate about reading, collecting, and promoting books that contain the wisdom and virtue of the ages. I’m savoring this little book by Clark and Jain as they introduce how to do this via a traditional Christian Classical Education. I’m planning to write a review of the entire book next week.

What are you reading this week? Here is a round-up of the open books on the nightstands of the Librarians at Potato Peel Pie Society.

Allison: The Warden and the Wolf King and The Bronze Bow

Becca: The Iliad and Heart of Darkness

Diane: Stepping Heavenward and Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer

Heidi: In Defense of Sanity and For The Children’s Sake

Jaime: The Liberal Arts Tradition and Freckles and Twelfth Night and In Defense of Sanity

Jennifer: Balanced and Barefoot and The Odyssey of Homer and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Kathy: Mother Carey’s Chickens and Rilla of Ingleside and Freckles

Kristy: Julius Caesar and Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys and On Poetry in General and Meditations

Sara:  A Prayer Journal, Flannery O’Connor and The Liberal Arts Tradition and Freckles


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